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Temple on spotify

This month, I’ve been working on my Spotify profile as there wasn’t much happening on this front as to date.

I’ve gone from around 30 monthly listeners to over 550 in the space of about a month. The numbers seems to be growing ever day too, I hope to be at 1k within a couple of weeks.

How did I do this? Getting my track added to Spotify Playlists mostly.

You can find playlist curators directly and ask them to add your tracks, or use something like Tunemunk (the link will take you to my personal playlist, which you are welcome to submit music to, I accept all genres currently) or Soundplate.

I’ve been accepted onto tunemunk’s HBO Ballers playlist, which has over 25k monthly listeners and Rap Radio (over 1300 monthly listeners) amongst many others.

Come and checkout my Spotify profile and submit music to my playlist here.


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