Vocal Editing

Have you already recorded some vocals, but you can’t quite get them to sound right? I can help you! Perhaps you’ve recorded multiple vocal tracks or harmonies that need blending together to get that polished professional/chart sound?

Using my techniques and a combination of hardware and software as used by audio professionals globally, I will correct intonation (flat notes) and timing imperfections to provide a high quality vocal track that will fit your song better. If you want help with mixing and mastering, I can help after the editing stage too.

Your vocals will sound great, don’t just take my word for it, here’s one of my happy clients

“Yoooooooo, thank you so much for the mix man!!! I just played it and it sounds amazing. Now I can keep working on the music video for the track! Appreciate it brother!”  PonyD, Chicago

The package includes:

  • Correction of intonation (flat notes)
  • Correction of timing imperfections
  • Mixing and Mastering options

Online or in person

I work with artists both online in person via physical recording sessions. For pricing on the services I offer, just get in touch as I like to take each project on it’s own merit rather than offering you a solution-in-a-box. If you require a service that you can’t find on my site, just get in touch to discuss, no matter how big or small your project is.

Ready to get started? Questions? Just email me below…