Music Production & beatmaking

Are you a recording artist, rapper or singer looking for original songs to record your vocals over? Or are you a producer looking for help making your songs/backing tracks sound more professional? I recommend this package.

You’ll benefit from having your own song made into a full production including drums and other sounds. I can help you take it to the next level, ready to release. Typically, you will have exclusive copyrights to the completed track as standard in this package.

Music Production can really take a rough demo and turn it into a finsihed product, ready to showcase your talent in a professional way. I’ll give you the highest quality production for your top-line melodies & lyrics. This is the perfect way to turn your initial song idea into a finished production and potential hit song. If you want to showcase yourself, having good production to back up your vocals is essential.

The package includes:

  • Composition of an original beat or adding beats & production value to your existing piano/guitar track
  • Professional music production
  • Vocal recording session available (if vocals need to be re-recorded)
  • Vocal editing including vocal editing using Logic Pro X vocal editing software & FX
  • Arrangement of the song
  • Mixing & Mastering included

Online or in person

I work with artists both online in person via physical recording sessions. For pricing on the services I offer, just get in touch as I like to take each project on it’s own merit rather than offering you a solution-in-a-box. If you require a service that you can’t find on my site, just get in touch to discuss, no matter how big or small your project is.

Ready to get started? Questions? Just email me below…