Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is producer talk for using a series of techniques to perfectly blend a recording together using EQ (equalisation), compression, reverb & lots other tricks to make your songs sound vibrant & full of life. This process will result in your songs having that radio-like polished sound. Your songs will sound like the real -deal and be easy on the listeners ears. I can help to take your tracks to the next level using my tried and tested methods, please ask for examples!

Mastering is the final process that happens after the mixing stage. Essential for any track that wants to stand out. When your track is played, it will sound full, loud match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial track, this is the main of mastering a track, please ask for examples as the difference between an unmastered and mastered track is really clear for anybody to hear.

Are you a recording artist, rapper or singer looking for your songs to sound professional? I recommend this package. You’ll benefit from having your own digital release and radio-ready track.

The package includes:

  • Professional mixing using digital software and physical hardware and effects
  • Mastering of the highest quality

Online or in person

I work with artists both online in person via physical recording sessions. For pricing on the services I offer, just get in touch as I like to take each project on it’s own merit rather than offering you a solution-in-a-box. If you require a service that you can’t find on my site, just get in touch to discuss, no matter how big or small your project is.

Ready to get started? Questions? Just email me below…