Remixing Songs

Have you made a song but now you want to adapt it for radio play or need a harder-hitting version for the clubs?

I can help you alter a song to suit a specific music genre such as a EDM, house, garage, trap or grime remix for radio format. Keep the original elements of your sing but repurpose it for a different crowd, this can expand your fanbase and earn you more money!

The package includes:

  • Remixing of an original song or beat
  • Professional music production
  • Re-arrangement of the song
  • Mixing & Mastering included

Online or in person

I work with artists both online in person via physical recording sessions. For pricing on the services I offer, just get in touch as I like to take each project on it’s own merit rather than offering you a solution-in-a-box. If you require a service that you can’t find on my site, just get in touch to discuss, no matter how big or small your project is.

Ready to get started? Questions? Just email me below…