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Good news for music producers and music publishes. The fifth largest music streaming service Deezr (behind Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and QQ Music at time of writing), has made a move into the gaming community. Deezer launches streaming on Xbox One.

deezr music streaming on xbox oneIf you like shooting bad guys in Call of Duty or doing unbelievable tekkers against a ten year old from Cambodia playing Fifa on your Xbox One, there’s some great news for you: you can now listen to all your favourite artists and playlists all through the same system seemlessly.

With Deezer on Xbox One, it’s possible to listen to your that perfect Trap playlist during your take down of the LA police during GTA or pulverising alien scum in your favourite shoot-’em-up.

To benefit, just add the app via your Xbox One and sit back and listen to your tracks

Are you a producer or a publisher? What do you think of this latest development?

Or are you an avid gamer grinning at the prospect of listening to your finely crafted playlists whilst working out your thumbs? Let me know what you think in the comments below.